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Why did I create a website specialising in arc welding?

Why did I create this website (And you are probably wondering why there are no welding pictures in the header) ? Simply to centralize my knowledge in my professional field. That of arc welding and robots. My goal is to regularly create content around this subject. It will also contain articles, guides, tutorials on computer programming. Because yes, the fields of arc welding, industry in general and computer science are intimately linked. I also created a small Youtube channel and an Instagram account for those who would like to follow me on these networks.

Welding is an essential element in ensuring the structural integrity and pressure resistance of manufactured components and systems.
The weld seam must ensure continuity of the material in its mechanical and metallurgical characteristics.
The quality of a weld involves manual skill and practical knowledge of equipment adjustment.
However, the mechanical and metallurgical properties of a joint are guaranteed by compliance with welding procedure descriptions for the essential variables.
The aim of this website is to make manufacturing personnel (mainly boilermakers, pipe fitters and welders)
aware of how to read a welding procedure description and how to identify the essential variables that will be important for guaranteeing the quality of the weld.
The manual welding aspect of my website is based on 3 axes.

1 - The data upstream of the design office: knowing how to interpret the welding and non-destructive examination requirements
that are requested on a drawing, understanding where these requirements come from, and what is the impact of the deviations observed during manufacturing.

2- The data (variables) contained in a WPS and their classification according to whether they are essential or non-essential
for the corresponding operating procedure or welder qualification and their influence on the quality of the weld.

3- A presentation of the most common defects for the processes and materials used, with their origin and classification.