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Welcome to the page that will serve as a HUB for my articles on arc welding, computer programming and a lot of other things. Actually, I think it is important for every professional welder to have a background in "programming" or simply in computers. Why would a welder need to know programming? Because nowadays welders are also called upon to use welding robots and PLCs. You can find more information about welding robots on this page. I particularly like stick welding and I use this process regularly. This website will also contain detailed articles on materials, their characteristics, resistances and a lot of content on metallurgy.

TIG 141 Arc Welding Specialist

TIG Welding basics


TIG Welding

Hammer and Anvil of Steel Technics Welding

The currents welding processes


welding processes

Gold mine for Wallid Guergour Arc Welding Specialist

The weld bead


weld bead

Tutorials for Python, Haskell & Assembly for welding robots

It's true that the last thing we think of when we talk about welding... It's clearly computers, actually. And yet the two fields are linked. On these pages I explain a lot of things. Whether it's the basics of computer science with the use of binary language, or even a technical guide in Python to help set up your welding machine.

Hammer and Anvil of Steel Technics Welding

Computer basics for welding


Programming for welding

Python variables

Python tutorial?


Python for arc welding